Renewal of Mind: Ephesians 4:23

"...and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds."

- Ephesians 4:23

In writing to the Ephesians, Paul spends the first three chapters laying out the theological foundation. We are saved because God, before creation, chose to save us. He emphasizes unity with God as one and unity within families and the church. Once he lays out these truths, he then goes on to explain how to live these truths as we are called to do.

In Ephesians 4:23, Paul specifically urges believers to undergo a renewal of the mind. This renewal involves a transformation in the way we think and perceive the world, which is brought about by the work of the Holy Spirit. By renewing our minds, we are able to align our thoughts, attitudes, and perspectives with the truth of God's Word and the will of God. This renewal leads to spiritual growth and maturity, enabling us to live in accordance with God's purposes and to reflect the character of Christ more fully in our lives.

There are many ways we can look to apply this verse in our daily lives. The first that come to mind are daily prayer, reflection, practicing gratitude, and spending more time in scripture. All of these practices help us to align our thoughts with Christ, but what about the rest of the time we spend throughout the day? How can we be conscious of our thoughts in the workplace, at school, and in our community where we are spending the most time? 

We can't all control the coworkers or peers in the classroom who we spend the most time with, so what are the things we can control? In terms of people, we have our family, friends, and the partner we choose in life. These people all impact our perspective on the world and shape a lot of our thoughts. We often align our interests and hobbies with them, determine how we spend our free time, and impact the way we talk to and treat other people. It is important that the people that we choose to spend the most time with are supportive and uplifting in our spiritual journey and allow us to grow in our faith.

Outside of the people we interact with, other thought influencers include the news, the music or podcasts we listen to on our commute, the shows or movies we watch, and the social media we consume. It's not necessary or practical in most circumstances to remove all of these from our lives, but what is important is that we protect ourselves from the doubt, fear, and negativity that can creep into our minds through what we consume. 

This week let's reflect on our routines and focus on the things we can control throughout our day. What impact do the interactions I have with certain people and what I am consuming have on my thoughts? Are these helping in my renewal of mind and allowing me to mature in my faith?


Thank you perfectly and wonderfully said!

Jovie May 06, 2024

Excellent devotional!

Jim Miller May 06, 2024

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